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Personal Injury Lawyer Toronto -Thomson, Rogers

If you have been injured in a car accident in Ontario, speak with one of our PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS who specialize in severe catastrophic injuries such as quadriplegia, paraplegia, brain damage or brain injury, and amputations. We will advise you about your legal rights and eligibility for accident benefits. You can read more about car accident insurance claims and how our TORONTO PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS can help you by clicking here.

Personal Injury Lawyer Toronto

Few people realize how quickly their life can change. A person can lead a happy and fulfilling existence only to be emotionally, physically, or financially crippled by an unforeseen accident. Many people wake up in the hospital to the harsh realization that their life has been altered forever. People in serious catastrophic accidents need a personal injury lawyer to help them piece together their lives. Thomson, Rogers provides the best personal injury lawyer services in Toronto. As the largest Toronto personal injury law firm our caring and dedicated staff guarantees strong preparation, professionalism, and results. Experts in a variety of personal injury areas our top notch lawyers and staff are capable of assisting a range of clientele needing help with everything from medical malpractice, air plane crashes, train derailments, slip and falls, to car accidents. Our personal injury lawyers are well versed in fighting and negotiating with insurance companies and people at fault to ensure that all accident victims get the compensation they deserve.

In addition the majority of people purchase insurance plans without understanding the important details of their coverage. They pay monthly fees for various forms of health, home, car, disability and life insurance, but rarely educate themselves on their plans because they never think they will need them. No one walks down the street thinking they are going to be seriously injured in a tragic accident. Most people view insurance as a necessary evil. The lawyers at our personal injury law firm in Toronto, aim to help every accident victim claim and receive the money they deserve from their insurance company. A Thomson, Rogers’ personal injury lawyer will communicate with a victim’s insurance company to ensure hospital and living bills are paid while they are recuperating. Our personal injury lawyers allow people to focus on getting better without dealing with the added stress and anxiety of navigating their often complex insurance coverage.

A personal injury lawyer at Thomson, Rogers will help safeguard you from being taken advantage of by corporate giants looking to conserve money for financial gain. A personal injury lawyer at Thomson, Rogers in Toronto is an invaluable resource in the fight to ensure accident victims are treated fairly and receive their full insurance entitlement.

When an accident occurs there is almost always someone at fault. Proving negligence and building a case to recover money is extremely complex and necessitates hiring a personal injury lawyer. If you live in or near Toronto or the greater Toronto area, or anywhere in Ontario, contact Thomson, Rogers to discuss how our personal injury lawyers can help fight for your rights.

Car Accident Ontario

A car accident in Ontario is one of the most common misfortunes in the province. Every year people crash into each other due to negligent and undisciplined driving, resulting in severe and permanent injury. Pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, cycling accidents and motorcycle accidents are on the rise because of government incentives to use less gasoline. As such more catastrophic crippling injuries are being dealt with at the major trauma hospitals such as St. Michael’s Hospital and Sunnybrook Hospital. A lucky few may walk away unharmed, but a large portion of car accident victims in Ontario attain grave physical ailments. Whether dealing with a loved one losing their mental competency, brain damage, paraplegia, quadriplegia, or other catastrophic injuries, a car accident in Ontario can be one of the most emotionally and financially devastating experiences for a family. Prolonged rehabilitation and lost income resulting from serious injuries can place people in unimaginable and horrifying debt. To help recover money for their losses, injured persons and their families can sue the driver at fault and receive compensation from their insurance company.

At Thomson, Rogers our expert personal injury lawyers help car accident victims in Ontario recover damages from insurance companies and negligent drivers. Our highly motivated and experienced trial lawyers provide the determination and knowledge necessary to win in or out of court. Additionally, our litigation skills will ensure that you are treated as fairly as possible within the litigation system. We pride ourselves in protecting your best interests. Thomson, Rogers’ lawyers are the perfect resource for Ontario car accident victims desperately searching for a way out of financial ruins.

Thomson, Rogers wants to help everyone struggling with health and money problems due to a car accident in Ontario. This includes organizing the necessary documents and information to secure compensation for lost wages, injuries, damages, and medical care. Additionally, we help clients file claims with insurance companies and help ensure they are being afforded optimal coverage for a car accident in Ontario. We act quickly to guarantee the easiest and most effective path to positive results. As car accident lawyers, we have a genuine concern for our client’s well being and personal situations.

A serious car accident in Ontario can cripple anyone both physically and financially. The immense stress of healing and dealing with significant financial losses is unmanageable after experiencing an Ontario car accident. Thomson, Rogers wants to make it easier for car accident victims in Toronto and throughout Ontario by offering personalized litigation services. Our determination and hard work ensures that all car accident victims in Ontario recoup the money they rightly deserve.

Accident Benefits

People rarely consider how a severe accident will impact their well being and standard of living. No one walks around thinking that today they will be in a tragic accident and most people are completely unprepared to deal with the harsh reality of a car accident. Accidents are sudden; they hit hard, and have completely unpredictable results. Whether victims face hospitalization or physical and mental disabilities, time spent recuperating can emotionally and financially cripple even the most secure family. One accident is capable of ruining a family. To help deal with these financial impacts, it is important for those injured in a motor vehicle accident in Ontario to apply for accident benefits.

Accident benefits cover medical and rehabilitation costs and pay for attendant care needs. Depending on the extent of a person’s injuries, accident benefits will cover from $50,000 to $1,000,000 of all their medical care. Additionally, accident benefits provide attendant care benefits from $36,000 to $1,000,000 to people needing at home or in-hospital care following a severe accident. Accident benefits act as a safety net for all car accident survivors in Ontario, ensuring they receive care without falling into financial ruins.

Unfortunately, medical bills are an additional stress when dealing with debilitating injuries. Accidents inhibit people from working, making it extremely difficult to maintain rent and mortgage payments on top of family upkeep and mundane monthly bills. Caring for a family is extremely costly and not having enough money to support them is a huge dilemma. There are few people who can leisurely take off four to six months from work without any financial worries. Accident benefits assist people who cannot return to work due to their injuries. Accident benefits provide weekly income replacements of up to $400 in circumstances where someone cannot return to work.

Accident benefits provide some monetary support to maintain a family’s quality of life and security, reducing stress and anxiety during injury rehabilitation.

Speak to a Toronto personal injury lawyer at Thomson, Rogers for more details about the extent of accident benefits available to all those injured in a car accident in Ontario.

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