Class Action Litigation

Class actions are lawsuits where people who are similarly affected join together in commencing a legal action.

Toronto Class Action Lawyers

They avoid the necessity for hundreds, or thousands of people to file similar individual lawsuits. This means that a single person can commence a class action on behalf of hundreds or thousands of people. They seek to ensure that people with similar claims are treated similarly. Class action lawsuits increase access to justice and streamline the judicial process.

The Thomson, Rogers’ class action team specializes in the areas of product liability and institutional abuse.

We are experienced, determined litigators who have taken on complex class action claims for our clients, and obtained decisions and settlements for thousands of plaintiffs.

As part of a class action lawsuit Thomson, Rogers will:

  • Investigate the class action claim
  • Issue a class action lawsuit
  • Advance a Motion for Certification
  • Provide Notice to Class Members
  • Conduct a Trial of the Common Issues
  • Handle any Appeals that may result
  • Distribute the Awards

If you think that you have a potential class action claim, please fill out the online consultation request form, or call Darcy Merkur at 416 868-3176.