Medical Malpractice


Newborn Neurological Injury and Litigation: Medical Legal Challenges to Causation

Posted: July 2011

Richard C. Halpern

Presented at the SickKids Brain Injury in Children conference on July 12, 2011.


Timing of Asphyxial Injury and Birth Trauma

Posted: October 2009

Obstetric Malpractice cases involving asphyxiated newborns present unique challenges to Plaintiffs’ counsel.  Standard of care experts will review the intrapartum clinical information to determine the time that delivery should have taken place in the absence of a breach of the standard of care. 


Spreadsheet Software Makes Settlement Calculations a Snap

Posted: February 2009

The Lawyers Weekly: Article by Darcy Merkur about The Personal Injury Damages Calculator


Jury Questions in Complex Cases

Posted: March 2007

 Stacey L. Stevens, L. Craig Brown, Jury Questions in Complex Cases, presented March 30, 2007