Municipal Conflict Of Interest And Reputation Management

Conflict of interest and reputation management are important topics for municipal Councilors in Ontario. The Municipal Conflict of Interest Act contains strict rules regulating a Councilor’s participation in matters in which they have a direct or indirect pecuniary interest. Councilors who offend the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act face significant consequences including the risk of losing their seat.

This presentation provides guidance to Councilors on important aspects of the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act and provides reputation management considerations.


Municipal Conflict of Interest of Act: Considerations for Trustees

Posted: November 2009

This presentation covers:

  • Strategies for avoiding conflict of interest
  • How to ensure your declaration is properly documented
  • What to do if you find you have a conflict
  • How do you determine if you have a conflict in a tough case


Considerations for Councillors Regarding the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act

Posted: May 2009

The Municipal Conflict of Interest Act (“Act”) places a significant burden and risk upon local representatives. The standard of care in the Act is greater than that placed on elected representatives at the federal and provincial levels. Since its original proclamation in 1972, the Act has been tested in the Courts on numerous occasions. Often, the context for the dispute involves circumstances outside of the Act; the remedies of the Act providing a convenient arsenal for strategic advantage.


Municipal Conflict of Interest and Reputation Management: Considerations for Councillors - Presentation

Posted: May 2009

Presentation by: Stephen D'Agostino, Al Burton, and Bob Brent

Recognize potential conflicts of interest, Strategies for dealing with tough potential conflict cases, Understanding libel and slander, Protecting your reputation as well as your seat


Reputation Management in Municipal Politics

Posted: May 2009

This paper will explore issues surrounding defamation and reputation management, with a special emphasis on the political arena at the municipal level. We hope to provide the reader with a short introduction to the often complicated area of defamation law – both from the perspective of the
claimant and the defendant – as well as tips on dealing with the media and managing threats to your reputation.